Operate From Joy

Operate From Joy Starting Today

I mostly operate from joy nowadays, but staying in a state of joy for extended periods of time used to be quite the task.

I always wanted those moments of intense joy and bliss – those which superimpose themselves over any worry, sadness, or challenge I might be experiencing at the moment, and I would achieve them sometimes, but then I would lose them. I mean, we are not supposed to be blissed out all the time… we live on planet earth, but we are much better off when we operate from a state of joy than from a state of stress or any low emotion.

Not that long ago I learned that operating from joy had a far higher chance of helping me achieve it than waiting for it to just appear. So, I have been practicing bringing joy into my life.

Joy is a state of being.

Here are some tips to operate from joy:

  • Practice gratitude out loud several times a day. This changes your life! How many times have we heard this to the point of rolling our eyes every time we hear it? But, do we practice it?
  • Completely avoid talking negatively about other people, yourself, or any situation at work or business.
  • Meditate every day even if at least 5 minutes, but I recommend 20 twice a day if you can.
  • You have to get creative to operate from joy. Whether it is decorating your home, cooking, baking, painting, writing, scrapbooking, women can practice new makeup techniques, just find something you can create! This will bring incredible joy.
  • Care for your body. This brings amazing joy as well. Exercise, stretch, moisturize your skin, take baths, practice yoga, deep-clean your teeth, put a healthy mask on your hair, get a massage…
  • Use aromatherapy.
  • Breathe. Do daily breath work, and you will access the fountain of joy. Learn to breathe slowly and deeply into your belly all day. This oxygenates your blood and releases toxins.
  • And here is a big one: Do something fun every day. Go to the beach, dance, sing (it doesn’t matter how you sound), watch a comedy, go for a walk in nature, connect with the Holy Spirit. Do whatever is fun for you.
  • Sleep 8 hours a night minimum. You entrepreneurs reading this who sleep 5 hours and think you are such a legacy, I got news for you. You are not functioning at your biggest capacity during the day unless you sleep 8 hours. In fact, you are going at 30% less mental capacity. Not sleeping enough hours also makes you grouchy. Sleep.
  • Do something awesome for someone else from a joyful heart.
  • Lastly, if you think you need a serotonin boost, go to a health store and buy 5-HTP. Take 15o mg 3 times a day. This is an amino acid that will regulate your serotonin levels and bring you feelings of well being and positivism while helping you sleep profoundly through the night.
 I hope this helped! With everything you do, remember to operate from joy!



  • Emily Romero

    Thank you for expressing joy in a realistic, and completely obtainable way. While i was pregnant i used a lot of these techniques to keep myself emotionally sane. Its been a year and a half, and i didn’t make the time to keep applying these techniques, which were so effective. I keep telling myself that i don’t have the hormonal imbalance anymore, and joy should just come to me. I look forward to actively working for the presence of joy again. I believe the thought “joy should just come to me” feeds inner entitlement, and in the long run can make one forget to see others lack of joy over their own. Thank you again, the tips you’ve provided i know will be helpful to more than just myself. I know having one person actively seeking joy, effects the people around them.