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First I Got Happy, then I Attracted The Things

Hello my friend!

This happened by accident…

When I started to meditate in January this year, my sole purpose was to once and for all shake off the feelings of sadness. I wasn’t doing it as a new years resolution, and I definitely wasn’t trying to attract more money.

The depression I had was so strong and so apparently inexplicable, that I just wanted to have joy.

Like I have written in previous posts, I have had an overriding sense of joy many times in my life, but it didn’t seem to last. This was due to many reasons that I won’t go into in this post. I tried changing my diet (please, read The Mood Cure by Julia Ross if you want a guide to help heal your emotions), I started a rigorous consistent exercise routine, and I did a myriad of other things that helped a lot but didn’t bring a definite, consistent joy.

Meditation did that. Different brain cells began to fire together and consequently wire together.

But here is my point.

As I began to focus on joy, I started to attract really awesome things into my life. I started to make more money, I started to attract amazing people who have blessed me beyond what I could ask for, my overall health got a lot better, and in general, everything else in my life started to go smoother and better.

I share all this with you because we as a species think that we will get the “things” and then get happy. And I propose to you that you try it the other way around 🙂

Get happy, and then the money, people, relationships, new jobs, new ideas, will come.

Talk soon!

Damaysi Vazquez

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