Feel the Pain First, and Then Do This…

The other day I posted on Facebook about feeling your pain without guilt…

I said that the coaching world nowadays makes us feel guilty if we are having a bad day.

Because you are having a human experience, and it is necessary and normal to acknowledge what’s happening inside of you.

Now, after you feel your pain with self-compassion and forgive, heal, cry, clear… it is time to turn you head towards gratitude – the one thing that will put you on a path of joy and success.

Gratitude will change your existence; it will transform every area of your life.

Because really, even if this sounds unfair, our realities are a figment of our imaginations that can be changed at any time.

The voices in our heads and what we perceive with our five senses are not reality. Believe me, I’ve thought myself out of happiness a million times.

And just as the lens used for this photograph, when our definition of reality is based on what we think and perceive from the outside, it looks out of balance, different, weird, and skewed.

Reality goes beyond this realm. We are not living in a linear reality like we’ve been taught. We are living a very multidimensional reality. And what we see and perceive can be changed by focusing our mind and soul on what we have now and being grateful for it.

Because gratitude changes our perceptions and the world we “see”, looking for what’s good in your life literally changes things.

Try it. Write a list of everything that you already have and be ridiculously grateful. Then if you want to take it to the next level, write a list of everything you want as though you already have it, and be ridiculously grateful for having it (faith).

Do this every day for two weeks and tell me if your life didn’t turn for the better in a major way.

PS: you have to feel the gratitude. Feel it as deeply and sincerely as you can. Your life will never be the same.