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The Magnificence of Being a Woman

I heard on a podcast today someone ask “what do you love about being a woman?”… and I started thinking. First not a lot came up since, to be completely transparent with you, I have always associated femininity with weakness and disadvantage.

Then I started really thinking and asking my soul what “she” thought.

And tell me please your thoughts on this…

I love the feminine body, the curves, the beauty, and that we are capable of making babies and bringing them to the world.

I love our soft, sweet voice and our unique power to help each other and change the world.

I love our passion, our ability to love deeply, our ability to handle many tasks at the same time, and our innate intuition.

I love our inexplicable strength, our resilience, our push-forward way of existing.

I love that we are nurturers, and we can handle an extreme amount of weight on our shoulders even when we know it is not good for us… we still take it.

I love our ability to suffer and withstand pain.

I love makeup and pretty hair.

I love high heels and a sexy dress.

And, well, I love men.

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