Why You Are Enough

“You Are Enough” is one of my life mottos and one of my biggest lessons.

But truthfully… the question was never about us being “enough”. Of course we are. We were born. That makes us enough!

We live in a world where as women we are supposed to do it all, do it fast, and look hot while doing it.

Between having to be at the perfect weight with the perfect amount of butt and boobs, having our teeth fluorescent white, having our hair always done, our skin microdermabrased, our sunscreen always on because God forbid we get sun spots, getting our skin exfoliated 2 times a week, drinking the green juices for good health.

We feel we are not skinny enough, smart enough, successful enough, pretty enough, flexible enough, a good wife enough, a good friend enough, a good Christian enough…

All of those beliefs are just that – beliefs.

The truth is there’s nothing wrong with you, nothing to fix, and nothing to perfect.

Our bodies are a shell. Our achievements are nor what define us. Look within and you will find what defines you: your soul, your mission in this lifetime, your ability to love and create and change the world around you, your choices, your thoughts, your words.


You Are Enough.