It’s Difficult for Me to Feel Sorry

We all have traumas, we all have been betrayed, we all have childhood issues, we all come from a dysfunctional family… and we all come with certain advantages and disadvantages.

However, it is up to us to heal and “clean up our side of the street” by deeply forgiving, meditating, clearing/healing traumas, and daily choosing our emotions carefully (you are not a slave to your emotions).

When I see someone hurting people, getting in trouble with the law, and blaming their past for their evil behavior, I may have compassion, and I may accept that THAT’S where they are, but it is hard for me to feel sorry for them.

Why? Because I have been through hell and back, and along with millions of other people on this planet, I chose to forgive, heal, and not be a victim. They (the assholes who hurt others) have the same choice we do to heal and choose freedom, yet they choose to stay angry, blame their past traumas, and continue to hurt people.

Point being, I realize and accept not everyone has healed. I accept that everyone has their own journey, but when I see people consciously hurting others and blaming it on their past and on how much they have been hurt, I can’t help it but scream inside. Come on! A 5-year-old blames others. But an adult? An adult takes responsibility for their life and doesn’t blame others for their behavior.

Please, choose love and forgiveness.

Please, choose to uplift others and not hurt them.

And let us all pray to God to continue to help us forgive, give us understanding, and show us how to have true peace and joy.

The better world we are seeking is up to all of us.

Talk soon,


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