How to Forgive Someone Gracefully

By gracefully I mean without having to aggressively use cord-cutting techniques or send their demons to hell.

I am going to share with you a powerful, yet graceful way of forgiving someone.

But first, I want to remind you that forgiveness is a sacred work we do for ourselves (and the collective). We do not do it for the person who hurt us; we do it to heal ourselves.

And certainly you do not have to talk to that person again.

Unforgiveness keeps a very strong cord between you and that person.
Also, every bit of trauma and pain stays lodged in our bodies, and always manifest as a physical ailment, so we forgive for that reason too.

Imagine being free from unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, and pain.
Imagine living life so FREE, so liberated, so joyful, that all you have in you to give to the world is LOVE.

I have a blend of modalities I use, so, here is how I do it:

I make a ritual out of it. I sit in a quiet place and call God, the Holy Spirit, and my angles to help me forgive. Surely in many cases I need the help of God because I do not feel like forgiving. So, I set a *firm intention* to forgive and heal.

I then imagine the person sitting in front of me, and I say, Example: (Name), I forgive you for betraying me. I trusted you, and you broke that trust. It made me feel like I didn’t matter, like I was not important. It hurt me! I forgive you, I release you, and I bless you.

Then, I go into the Ho’oponopono prayer which activates spiritual laws that I cannot explain to you here. It is simple, yet so powerful. If any of you reading know, please feel free to comment!

It says: I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

This mantra heals us and the world. Keep repeating it until you feel that you have completely released this pain. Trust me, it works gracefully and thoroughly.

Remember that what you resist persists.

Let it all go!

Love, Damaysi

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