Your Words Matter

What you have to say matters A LOT.

This is for the women who have been silenced and stifled by society, parents, teachers, other women, and men.

My beautiful,

As you enter this weekend, I want you to understand that the things in your heart that you want to say, but you don’t, actually matter. 

Your thoughts and words and not insignificant. You are not crazy, and someone telling you to shut up or keep quiet is not okay. 

Side note: if you have children, please make sure you let them talk. Let’s not traumatize our kids making them think that they are not important enough to be heard. Listen to them.


I remember being told as a child that I was lying, to shut up, to be quiet, “not right now”, “I am busy”, “don’t you see me talking?” and other covert abusive comments leading me to think, and even convincing me, that what I had to say wasn’t important, and consequently I wasn’t either.

This translate into a myriad of issues later in life. My throat was constantly sick, and my self-esteem was very low, which I covered with jokes and a mask of being the lively, fun girl. 

But inside I was a sad girl, and well, an angry girl.

If you know me today you know that, for the most part, I say what I believe needs to be said. I used to fight and create controversy when I was first speaking my truth years ago, but today I calmly express myself and I do it with poise, self-love, and a security in myself that no one can ever take from me again.

If you have anything to say to your husband, boss, mother, father, children, community, business partner, or the world, please say it. Do not hold on to your words because of fear.

Say it from a place of self-assurance and knowing that you deserve to speak up and be heard. Don’t say it with a bratty, complaining, nagging, bitching tone of voice because that transmits insecurity (not the frequency we want for you).

Subtweets and cyberbullying on social media do not count, by the way. That is immature and plain stupid. Say what you have to say maturely. 

You deserve to be heard from the depths of your being. 

Your truth matters.

You are worthy of the chance to be heard, my friend. Use that feminine power of yours for good! Help the world with your words, and start by helping your world.

I love you, and I hope this resonated with some of you. 

It is time to speak up and tell fear, “Thank you, but not today. Toady I speak up.”



PS: I opened up a new coaching program for a few, selected women who know that they are called for more in their lives and need direction, healing, and mentorship.

The program is 6 weeks long, and it includes one 45 minute session per week with homework. 

I am intuitive, so homework and inner work will vary depending on the focus.

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