Betrayal, Abandonment, Pain

Pain hurts. Yes it does. Betrayal breaks the heart. Abandonment pierces the soul. Abuse scar us and causes us to distrust.

During my plant medicine ceremonies this year (3 so far) I have learned many lessons, and I am still integrating them. But if there is one loud and clear lesson for me is that everything is temporary. 

My life in this body, my current situation, my beliefs, my emotions, my thoughts, and my excruciating pain.

Plant medicine lets you explore the darkest corners of your subconscious mind and heals your heart and physical body. 

In my experience, right before you purge the pain is the greatest. You feel like it will never end. I got to know parts of myself that I had never explored. I was so scared, so lost in my misery. And I heard, “you have to trust me; you have to learn to let go; be strong; this is temporary…” I mentally answered, “I trust you mama, please help me and stop this pain.” To which she again answered, “it is necessary and temporary… trust me, and let it all go. I will show you who you are.” 

I know this might sound esoteric for many of you, but it changed my perception of life in this three-dimensional reality. 

I saw myself die and my body disintegrate into earth. And all I could feel was peace.

I saw all of us as one. As connected. Yes you reading this, we are one. As one heals we all heal. As one overcomes we all overcome.

Besides sharing a tiny bit of my experience, I wanted to remind you that no matter what you are going through, it is temporary my friend. Yes, heal your heart, yes retrieve the fragments of your soul that others have taken, yes do what you have to do to overcome, but also please trust the process and know that this will not last forever.

Your day is coming when you will wake up joyful to be alive. 

Your day is coming when you will feel safe in your body with an incredible amount of love for yourself. 

Your day is coming when you will see how intricately connected you truly are with everything around you, and how the answer was always in your heart.

I love you so much.

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