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I Allow Life to Be Easy

? ??? ??? ????? ?? ?????? ???? ?????????. I found a way to complicate every step of business, manifestation, and emotional processing. 

I mean, if it could be complicated, dramatized, or “catastrophized” in any way, I would do it. 

Why? I may have an idea… because making everything difficult was the way I knew to sabotage my peace and any attempt at self-love.

Until I started to understand that ALL our self-talk comes from data. Data from our ancestors, data we have created based on how we interpreted traumas especially when children…

Just bullshit data.

Untrue, noisy, staticky data which controls not only our self-talk but also how we see and judge everything.

How do we get rid of this data?

We do introspective work.

We take full responsibility for EVERYTHING.

We look within by journaling the conversation in our mind, meditating, reframing, reprogramming, and understanding that all the fears and blocks are not the truth… understanding that there is no blame, shame, or guilt… that it is all data. 

And this my friend is a daily process. This right here is the biggest expression of self-love and love for the Divine. 

Life can be easy. 

Receiving and giving love can be easy. 

Being successful can be easy. 

Being fit and having the bodies we want can be easy.

I, Damaysi, now allow all of life to be easy.

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