About Damaysi

Hi love,

I am Damaysi Vazquez, a confidence wellness mentor, writer, digital course creator, podcaster, and I have been mentoring and coaching people to lose weight, heal their limiting beliefs about themselves, and live a healthier life style for over seven years. I love helping people move from where they are to where they want to go quickly.

I love to share my message with the world which is – you are enough, and you can do and be anything you want in your life because you create your own reality with your thoughts and beliefs. This includes your body and health.

I was born in Cuba, and I sailed to the US eighteen years ago searching for freedom and for “the dream”. I am an American citizen, and I am very grateful for this country! However, I love my Latin roots as well. I love to dance salsa, cook and eat Cuban food, drink a good Mojito, and enjoy a walk in Havana Vieja, Cuba while drinking a strong cup of Cuban espresso.

My passion is to help women and men capitalize on their strengths, their life experiences, and their God-given talents.

I am here to encourage you all the way, teach you, listen to you, and guide you based on my life experiences and with tools and plans that are backed up by science.

Love and respect,

Damaysi Vazquez