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    I Allow Life to Be Easy

    ? ??? ??? ????? ?? ?????? ???? ?????????. I found a way to complicate every step of business, manifestation, and emotional processing.  I mean, if it could be complicated, dramatized, or “catastrophized” in any way, I would do it.  Why? I may have an idea… because making everything difficult was the way I knew to sabotage my peace and any attempt at self-love. Until I started to understand that ALL our self-talk comes from data. Data from our ancestors, data we have created based on how we interpreted traumas especially when children… Just bullshit data. Untrue, noisy, staticky data which controls not only our self-talk but also how we see…

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  • Shifting-into-Joy Program by Damaysi Vazquez
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    Welcome to Shifting Into Joy!

    Welcome to “Shifting Into Joy: Learn the mindset, tools and habits of happy people”. This is a program for women and men who want to learn how to be joyful no matter the circumstances. We were born joyful and happy. We were also created from pure love. But with the stressors of life and the pain and disappointments, we have forgotten who we are – pure, unconditional love, peace, and joy. Then we fall into emotions that do not feel good to us or anyone around us like sadness, frustration, depression, anxiety, overwhelm… and we wonder how we got here, and if there is even any hope that we can…

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    Here’s to The Best Version of YOU!

    Do you know how to get rid of anxiety, decrease depression, release thoughts that do NOT serve you, and bring into your reality your purest form of joy? I lived way too many years crying, frustrated, panicking about my finances, going from relationship to relationship never finding true connection or peace. Why? Because I was completely disconnected from myself. I was trauma bonding, trauma responding, and triggered every five minutes (aka: depressed, anxious, offended, angry, judgmental, stressed, and broke). Until… I started to search for healing. I began to invest in coaches, invest in home-study courses, attend seminars all over the U.S., and DO the work to heal and live…

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    Betrayal, Abandonment, Pain

    Pain hurts. Yes it does. Betrayal breaks the heart. Abandonment pierces the soul. Abuse scar us and causes us to distrust. During my plant medicine ceremonies this year (3 so far) I have learned many lessons, and I am still integrating them. But if there is one loud and clear lesson for me is that everything is temporary.  My life in this body, my current situation, my beliefs, my emotions, my thoughts, and my excruciating pain. Plant medicine lets you explore the darkest corners of your subconscious mind and heals your heart and physical body.  In my experience, right before you purge the pain is the greatest. You feel like…

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    Master the Art of Scripting!

    Scripting can change your entire reality if you do it properly and often. Do it every day for three months, and tell me if your life is not completely freaking different in every aspect that you wrote down! The problem is most people won’t stick to it. This is not magic (although sometimes it definitely seems like it is because next day people can say exactly what you wrote down…). However, this is mainly a process that works with your conscious and subconscious minds, and gives the universe the imagery to work with to bring about your exact outcomes. This is quantum mechanics in the practical. I updated the ????…

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    Your Words Matter

    What you have to say matters A LOT. This is for the women who have been silenced and stifled by society, parents, teachers, other women, and men. My beautiful, As you enter this weekend, I want you to understand that the things in your heart that you want to say, but you don’t, actually matter.  Your thoughts and words and not insignificant. You are not crazy, and someone telling you to shut up or keep quiet is not okay.  Side note: if you have children, please make sure you let them talk. Let’s not traumatize our kids making them think that they are not important enough to be heard. Listen…

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    Trust Yourself, Not Your Thoughts

    Learn to not listen to your thoughts so much especially if they are not serving you. Thoughts of discouragement, fear, depression, loneliness, and anything not loving can cross your mind but you don’t have to believe them or run with them down a rabbit hole! You are NOT your thoughts. You are NOT your past or your current struggles.  While I believe 100% in inner healing and in looking at our belief systems, I also know that while I am working and living my life I am not going to pay attention to every nonsense thought that pops in my head. I know my power. I know my place. I…

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    Do It Your Soul’s Way

    Hello there! This is for those of you who want to promote, sell, or spread a message online and feel stuck. I have been a part of the internet marketing “system” for many years. When I say system I refer to the overall style of training and ideas of how to do and what to do that are massively spread by the internet coaching industry. Basically there are right and wrong ways to do, sell, and market messages/products, and that’s the way it is and the way that most are taught. However, many of those ways to market do not sit well with your soul, and this is why you…

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    You Good Enough?

    No one can make you feel not good enough. When someone says or does something that triggers inadequacy within, it is all based in your preconditioned way of thinking about yourself.  Who made you think you needed fixing?  What makes you believe like you are not enough? What is “being enough” anyways? What are the parts of you that you think are damaged?  There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  That’s the answer.

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    Why You Are Enough

    “You Are Enough” is one of my life mottos and one of my biggest lessons. But truthfully… the question was never about us being “enough”. Of course we are. We were born. That makes us enough! We live in a world where as women we are supposed to do it all, do it fast, and look hot while doing it. Between having to be at the perfect weight with the perfect amount of butt and boobs, having our teeth fluorescent white, having our hair always done, our skin microdermabrased, our sunscreen always on because God forbid we get sun spots, getting our skin exfoliated 2 times a week, drinking the…

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    Feel the Pain First, and Then Do This…

    The other day I posted on Facebook about feeling your pain without guilt… I said that the coaching world nowadays makes us feel guilty if we are having a bad day. Because you are having a human experience, and it is necessary and normal to acknowledge what’s happening inside of you. Now, after you feel your pain with self-compassion and forgive, heal, cry, clear… it is time to turn you head towards gratitude – the one thing that will put you on a path of joy and success. Gratitude will change your existence; it will transform every area of your life. Because really, even if this sounds unfair, our realities…

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    Another Thought on Meditation

    Hello my friend, You don’t have to meditate, just like you don’t have to journal, eat healthy, stop complaining etc… But if you want to be truly happy and truly healthy; if you want to be truly SELF EXPRESSED; if you want to stop hiding and suffering, if you want to crack the CODE to success and joy, you might want to find something that takes your mind and body into a meditative state ( where the mind attains a state of consciousness that is totally different from the normal waking state and the person reaches such a level of wholeness, self-sattisfaction, and completion, that you can care less about…

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    It is Okay If You Do Not Fit In

    Hello my dear friend, If you find you are always trying to fit in, read on… I used to be a great “fitter-inner”. Yet I was always in that unquenchable search for acceptance. I didn’t feel accepted; I didn’t accept myself. I personally have never felt as if I fit in any school group or work environment. For the most part, I have always felt an outsider – the girl with the strange way of thinking, the girl who talks way too deep and way too bold for the average person. The “fitter-inner” strives to acclimate to the environment  at hand, whether it is the office, church, networking group, book…

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    Look Within

    I was born in Cuba and raised through the most horrible economic crisis ever seen there. I remember as a teenager having to take a bath with no soap and use baking soda as deodorant. I remember having to put scotch tape inside my sandals to “fix them,” and I remember my mother – a single mother of 3 going to bed with only white rice in her stomach, so the 3 of us could split the two eggs that were left, which she would scramble with some onions (everything she made was always delicious). I tell you some of my story because I know you will understand me better…

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    Be Careful You Don’t Judge in the Name of Love!

    Hey friends, I just have to share this before my heart explodes. I have come across several religious people on social media in the last 24 hours who in the name of Jesus and the Word of God, are excruciatingly judgmental of anything that doesn’t sound familiar to what they hear in their religious institution or to what they think they know. Ouch! Here is what I have to say to the judgmental, religious folk: Listen, if you want to love and bring people to the Lord, which is what Christ came to teach, yet you judge everyone who is not a Christian then you are missing the point completely!…

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    You Can’t “Fix” Perfect

    Imagine a flower asking her Creator to please fix her so she can look like a tree… “Please God, change me. I don’t fit in! I am not tall and strong like the trees around me.” This is exactly what we do as humans when we compare ourselves to each other. We think we are so inherently messed up, that we might as well give up on life, OR endlessly look for someone or something that can “fix” us. I was thinking yesterday that subconsciously I’ve always wanted to find someone or something that would help me “awaken” from what I think is wrong with me, my anger issues, the…

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  • Operate From Joy

    Operate From Joy Starting Today

    I mostly operate from joy nowadays, but staying in a state of joy for extended periods of time used to be quite the task. I always wanted those moments of intense joy and bliss – those which superimpose themselves over any worry, sadness, or challenge I might be experiencing at the moment, and I would achieve them sometimes, but then I would lose them. I mean, we are not supposed to be blissed out all the time… we live on planet earth, but we are much better off when we operate from a state of joy than from a state of stress or any low emotion. Not that long ago…