Shifting-into-Joy Program by Damaysi Vazquez
Personal Growth,  Spiritual

Welcome to Shifting Into Joy!

Welcome to “Shifting Into Joy: Learn the mindset, tools and habits of happy people”. This is a program for women and men who want to learn how to be joyful no matter the circumstances.

We were born joyful and happy. We were also created from pure love.

But with the stressors of life and the pain and disappointments, we have forgotten who we are – pure, unconditional love, peace, and joy.

Then we fall into emotions that do not feel good to us or anyone around us like sadness, frustration, depression, anxiety, overwhelm… and we wonder how we got here, and if there is even any hope that we can ever be truly and completely happy.

The answer is yes. It is possible for us to be completely happy. This does not mean that we are not going to have bad days or experience anger or sadness, or any negative emotion. We are humans, and emotions are part of the “human package”. However, we can learn to handle our emotions quickly and return to our natural human state which is characterized by lots of joy and an immense feeling of love.

We have control over our attitudes and our efforts, and we might as well use this to our advantage instead of our detriment.

Have you ever been enjoying your day, and something happens that ruins your mood, and you stay upset for the entire day and sometimes for the entire week and month?

Me too!

Feeling emotions of anger, sadness, hatred, jealousy and the like is perfectly okay and normal. We are humans. But allowing circumstances and events to overtake our emotions to the point our temperament and personality are changed is not what we were born to experience.

I dealt with depression, anxiety, anger, self-sabotage, PTSD, and other common trauma responses for many years. I appeared to be happy, but I was dying on the inside!

I constantly attacked myself with my mental chatter. I constantly told myself how I was not enough. Most of my thoughts towards myself were harsh, hurtful, and critical.

When I learned I actually had complete control over my emotions, and that living under the control of my thoughts and emotions was a choice, I felt like a big weight had been lifted from my heart. Because honestly, who wants to live like that? Not me!

I also learned that I had complete control over my attitude, so I decided to change. I started to use the tools I am going to show you in this program to rewire my brain and my DNA.

Usually we…

✨Have a deep desire to shift into joy and live a happy life no matter the circumstances

✨Want to learn how to center ourselves and quickly raise our vibration when we are experiencing stress, sadness, anxiety, depression, or any low vibrational emotion

✨Want to have many tools in our back pocket that we can quickly use to assist ourselves in an emergency (when we are feeling an anxiety attack coming, an anger outburst rising, or a depression period about to arrive)

✨Desire to grow spiritually and live a life characterized by truth, gentleness towards yourself, love, smiles, harmony, and peace.

In this 5-week program we will cover:

✨How to rewire the brain with meditation. The program will include various meditations to practice day or night.

✨How to use scripting to change our emotional body and become emotionally intelligent humans who do not act on impulse or wallow on negative emotions. Scripting prompt questions will be provided. This technique works like magic!

✨What foods are affecting your mood and in which way + supplements I recommend to balance your brain chemistry, your hormones, and restore your serotonin levels.

✨The most effective breath work techniques to heal our spirits and souls by drawing out traumatic experiences which are the root of all our current emotional struggles.

✨Successful and effective tools to use when our brains and attitudes are not helping us, and we feel like nothing is working. This module will be so much fun!

✨Live Q&A videos in the group!

✨So much more!

The program starts on May 1st!

The Early Bird pricing is on right now for $111, and it will later go up to $349!

Click here to grab your seat at the Early Bird price!

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