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    A Deeper View On Depression

    I have heard different doctors and patients describe depression in their own words, and I, as someone who has struggled with depression since I was a young child, also have described it as best as I could with words. Is it an emotion? Is it a feeling? Is it a hormonal imbalance? Is it a mental illness? What the hell is it that has made me feel like a dark cloud was over me damping and obscuring every step I take? What is this seemingly unshakable, hopeless feeling that I try to cover with smiles and jokes, but deep inside it is eating every possibility of joy? Recently in the…

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    Happy For No Reason

    I understand now at a whole new level what it means to choose your emotions. I now wake up and decide WHICH EMOTION I am going to rock for that day. If I fall off, I get back on. You see, we spend too many years of our lives (if not all) being a victim of our emotions and blaming everything we can for how we live our lives. It is not the shit out there that is making us feel desperate and depressed and angry… it is US who are making ourselves feel those ways. Wanna be happy? Do the shit happy people do… Wanna stay pissed? Keep blaming… You…

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