Food For Thought

The Thing About Drama Is…

Drama will slowly destroy us; it will create a story in our mind and have our bodies in fight or flight mode like a freaking bear is trying to kill us.

Drama IS addictive, and it will downgrade our energy, our nervous system, and our hormones to the point of SEVERE EXHAUSTION, sadness, anger, depression, and disease.

Drama will keep us in the wrong momentum wheel. And for what? Why do we do this shit to ourselves?

Because we learned it during our upbringing.

Because it makes us feel better to trash other people (the ultimate lie to keep ourselves safe), be the victims, and not take responsibility.

And, because we need to learn to recognize that we CAN choose another way to live. A way were we know that everything is going to be okay. A way were we learn to deal with life from a space of forgiveness and peace and empowerment. A way were we think the best of others instead of the worse.

Let us collectively work on not being so dramatic. Life is too short to make it all a big production of bullshit every time something doesn’t go as planned… or even allow others to bring shitty energy into our workspace or life.

Let’s live at peace. Let’s love instead of condemn.

Have a great rest of your day!