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    Why You Are Enough

    “You Are Enough” is one of my life mottos and one of my biggest lessons. But truthfully… the question was never about us being “enough”. Of course we are. We were born. That makes us enough! We live in a world where as women we are supposed to do it all, do it fast, and look hot while doing it. Between having to be at the perfect weight with the perfect amount of butt and boobs, having our teeth fluorescent white, having our hair always done, our skin microdermabrased, our sunscreen always on because God forbid we get sun spots, getting our skin exfoliated 2 times a week, drinking the…

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    Another Thought on Meditation

    Hello my friend, You don’t have to meditate, just like you don’t have to journal, eat healthy, stop complaining etc… But if you want to be truly happy and truly healthy; if you want to be truly SELF EXPRESSED; if you want to stop hiding and suffering, if you want to crack the CODE to success and joy, you might want to find something that takes your mind and body into a meditative state ( where the mind attains a state of consciousness that is totally different from the normal waking state and the person reaches such a level of wholeness, self-sattisfaction, and completion, that you can care less about…

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  • Damaysi Talks You can't fix perfect

    You Can’t “Fix” Perfect

    Imagine a flower asking her Creator to please fix her so she can look like a tree… “Please God, change me. I don’t fit in! I am not tall and strong like the trees around me.” This is exactly what we do as humans when we compare ourselves to each other. We think we are so inherently messed up, that we might as well give up on life, OR endlessly look for someone or something that can “fix” us. I was thinking yesterday that subconsciously I’ve always wanted to find someone or something that would help me “awaken” from what I think is wrong with me, my anger issues, the…

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  • Should You Look Your Best

    Women: Should You Really Look Your Best?

    Hello, ladies, I am writing this just for you. Should we really care about how we look?  If you look deeper, this is a discussion about self-love… So, the question should be, do you love yourself enough to always look your best? Looking our best, from our underwear to our hair to our clothes to our hands and feet, has much to do with the perception we have of ourselves and our “deserving level”. How much do you love you? No, really. I know, I know. There are many folks out there who go to the gym everyday and dress to perfection and still lack self-love. It’s their journey to walk.…

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  • Food For Thought

    Self-Love and Its Impact On Your Business

    The term self-love has become transparent from its incessant references, sometimes even superficial, in the last several years. However, the subject still remains the foundation for everything we do; our self-love sets the boundaries for our accomplishments. Self-love is undoubtedly the reason why and how we do and don’t do everything daily. I mean, from how we make our beds, to how we dress and walk, to how our cars look inside, to how we treat others, to what we eat, everything is interconnected to self-love. Self-love is the key to our personality and behavior. How much you love yourself and, therefore, how you see yourself affects your business as well.…