The Reason Why You Self-Sabotage

Hello there… Doing my beach cardio…

I’m lucky that when I don’t workout my default is to get skinny (no matter how much or what I eat), BUT that doesn’t mean I do not have to work daily on loving myself no matter my size.
I do daily mindset work on my belief systems (via writing), and I do daily mind training (via meditation).
Honestly, if I didn’t, I would be like I was before: depressed, lost, unfocused, hating my body.
My point: no matter your size or fitness level, you have got to do some form of mind training every day to grow and evolve. You have got to write your thoughts so you get to know who you are. This is not a luxury anymore in our day and society! This is a must!
You have got to work on your spirit to love yourself and your life so much that your body looks perfect to you no matter what the media says.
Yes, please eat clean and exercise, BUT also understand that if there’s self-hatred and unforgiveness in your heart, if you think you are not good enough, if you don’t train yourself to see the good and forgive, then you will sabotage your progress again and again and again for the rest of your life.

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