Damaysi Talks You can't fix perfect

You Can’t “Fix” Perfect

Imagine a flower asking her Creator to please fix her so she can look like a tree… “Please God, change me. I don’t fit in! I am not tall and strong like the trees around me.”

This is exactly what we do as humans when we compare ourselves to each other. We think we are so inherently messed up, that we might as well give up on life, OR endlessly look for someone or something that can “fix” us.

I was thinking yesterday that subconsciously I’ve always wanted to find someone or something that would help me “awaken” from what I think is wrong with me, my anger issues, the things that happened to me as a child, my lack of consistency, etc.

And, I realized this: because I’ve been waiting for “that something” to give me a magic awakening, I have not done my part which is:

-to change my belief system through daily mindset/spiritual work.

-to meditate and to forgive myself for past mistakes.

-to decide to just BE instead of trying to meet a standard of happiness or joy for the world to see.

But this list of things does not imply that there is something “wrong” with me or you. These are things that will naturally help us to get closer to our real selves and further from what this world has made us believe such as, we are not good enough, we need to change this and that, we are sinners, we are demonized because we don’t fit in their box, we should have, could have, would have… uggghhhh! NO.

Get to know yourself. Read, meditate, study the truth. Get close to God. Forgive and love yourself. You are already perfect!

That’s your part, my friends. To realize that there is nothing wrong with you. Because there really isn’t. You can’t be fixed because I repeat, you are perfect. Created by a perfect Creator in His image and with His magnificence.

Now go FEEL that.

And just be.

Damaysi Vazquez