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    10 Ways To Overcome Anxiety

    A list of all the things I have applied in 2020 to overcome anxiety I have experienced anxiety since I was a little girl. It has gotten worse with the years. I have not suffered from any more serious anxiety attacks in the last year because I got serious about implementing the tools I have and I am going to share with you. These will change your life. 1- Use the 4-7-8 breathing technique. Anxiety can not exist where there is rhythmic breathing, so this will nip it in the butt quickly. Inhale in 4, hold for 7, exhale in 8. It works like magic. 2- Write down what is…

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    How To Amplify Your Feminine Energy And Become Magnetic

    I have been hearing more about feminine energy for the last 2 years, and I have started to finally pay attention to it. As I have embodied what I am going to tell you here, my life has completely changed. To be feminine is not to put on makeup and high heels; it is not moving sensually when you walk, and having a sweet seductive voice; and it is definitely not wearing pink dresses. Embodying the feminine energy requires an energetic shift in us. It requires us to understand that the feminine energy is the energy of pleasure, receiving, trusting, feeling emotions, and being less preoccupied with what we have…

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    Every Day Do Something You Love

    ????? ??? ?? ????????? ???? ??? ???? ?? ??. ???? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ????? ?? ????-????, ??? ?? ??? ???????? ??, ?? ???? ???? ???? ????.⁣⁣Some examples are: ⁣⁣✨Go for a walk in nature, ⁣⁣✨Take a bath with essential oils and rose pedals,⁣⁣✨Drink your favorite warm beverage sitting outside contemplating nature,⁣⁣✨Read the books you love,⁣⁣✨Take a foot bath at home and massage your feet,⁣⁣✨Stretch your body,⁣⁣✨Put on that face mask,⁣⁣✨Steam your face,⁣⁣✨Deep condition your hair, ⁣⁣✨Look in the mirror and deeply love on yourself.

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    Master the Art of Scripting!

    Scripting can change your entire reality if you do it properly and often. Do it every day for three months, and tell me if your life is not completely freaking different in every aspect that you wrote down! The problem is most people won’t stick to it. This is not magic (although sometimes it definitely seems like it is because next day people can say exactly what you wrote down…). However, this is mainly a process that works with your conscious and subconscious minds, and gives the universe the imagery to work with to bring about your exact outcomes. This is quantum mechanics in the practical. I updated the ????…

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    The Ultimate Way to Increase Your Self-Esteem

    Don’t get tripped by the simplicity of this! ⁣ Back in 2012, my coach Nate Ridgeway told me to write a gratitude list of ALL the talents and gifts I had for 7 days (I recommend you do it for at least 2 months straight).⁣ ⁣I was suffering from “nobody wants to buy these shakes from me because I suck” syndrome. ⁣ Well, that was true, (LOL), and it was not true at the same time because that was just my perception of myself, so I was attracting and repelling things into my life accordingly. ⁣ ⁣ He said, ⁣ ⁣ “This will immediately shift your focus and perception about…

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    Woman, You Are Heard!

    Your story is not insignificant.  You are supported by the universe, and nothing that has happened to you is random. Everything you have been through is to teach you a powerful lesson and, if you survived it (which you did because you are here now), it is to serve and help other women. If you are still reading this I know you FEEL it. I know that you know that you are called for more. You are meant for more. And your thoughts and stories are keeping you where you are – angry, stuck, sad, feeling sorry for yourself. I too have been there, and when I meditate, I still…

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    Trust Yourself, Not Your Thoughts

    Learn to not listen to your thoughts so much especially if they are not serving you. Thoughts of discouragement, fear, depression, loneliness, and anything not loving can cross your mind but you don’t have to believe them or run with them down a rabbit hole! You are NOT your thoughts. You are NOT your past or your current struggles.  While I believe 100% in inner healing and in looking at our belief systems, I also know that while I am working and living my life I am not going to pay attention to every nonsense thought that pops in my head. I know my power. I know my place. I…

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    Do It Your Soul’s Way

    Hello there! This is for those of you who want to promote, sell, or spread a message online and feel stuck. I have been a part of the internet marketing “system” for many years. When I say system I refer to the overall style of training and ideas of how to do and what to do that are massively spread by the internet coaching industry. Basically there are right and wrong ways to do, sell, and market messages/products, and that’s the way it is and the way that most are taught. However, many of those ways to market do not sit well with your soul, and this is why you…

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    You Good Enough?

    No one can make you feel not good enough. When someone says or does something that triggers inadequacy within, it is all based in your preconditioned way of thinking about yourself.  Who made you think you needed fixing?  What makes you believe like you are not enough? What is “being enough” anyways? What are the parts of you that you think are damaged?  There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  That’s the answer.

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    Another Thought on Meditation

    Hello my friend, You don’t have to meditate, just like you don’t have to journal, eat healthy, stop complaining etc… But if you want to be truly happy and truly healthy; if you want to be truly SELF EXPRESSED; if you want to stop hiding and suffering, if you want to crack the CODE to success and joy, you might want to find something that takes your mind and body into a meditative state ( where the mind attains a state of consciousness that is totally different from the normal waking state and the person reaches such a level of wholeness, self-sattisfaction, and completion, that you can care less about…

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    The Reason Why You Self-Sabotage

    I’m lucky that when I don’t workout my default is to get skinny (no matter how much or what I eat), BUT that doesn’t mean I do not have to work daily on loving myself no matter my size. I do daily mindset work on my belief systems (via writing), and I do daily mind training (via meditation). Honestly, if I didn’t, I would be like I was before: depressed, lost, unfocused, hating my body. My point: no matter your size or fitness level, you have got to do some form of mind training every day to grow and evolve. You have got to write your thoughts so you get…

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    Struggle with Depression? Read This!

    I know depression very well. It used to be a daily visitor. I know its eyes and spirit. It’s like a lonely soul looking for love. Sometimes I welcomed it, for it was so familiar and friendly, that it made me feel “at home”. Sometimes I ran and ate greens and took amino-acids. I rushed to the gym and then to the beach and then to the massage spa… I begged God to set me free; I blamed myself; I blamed others… All to find some answers that worked some times but nothing definite. My all too familiar depression friend kept coming back. Until… I realized it was a physical…

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    4 inches from my waist gone in 4 weeks!

    Hello there! Well, the last 4 weeks have not been easy or “stable” for me. I have cried, I have laughed, I have jumped for joy at my results, and I have been frustrated with impatience. But guess what? I lost 4 inches from my waist, and I gained 3 1/2 inches through my arms, legs, and hips. So, I am very proud of myself and very grateful to my coach Eric Creech! All I want from this blog post is that you take this with you: It takes time, consistency, trust, faith, and much patience to have a great physique. Please, love your body and give it time to…

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    If you think you don’t have what it takes to be fit, think again

    Hello hot stuff, If you think being fit is beyond your will power, I am here to shatter your miserable dream and help you see a new reality. Being fit is not really that difficult. It is a choice that once you make, your hunger, your cravings, your addictions, your beliefs, and your incompetent, jealous, family members and friends will not be able to stop it. I want you to really understand this, my friend. Making this choice is really not that difficult. It is way more difficult staying out of shape, miserable, ill, sad, depressed, tired, and confused about your worth. Here is the wrecking ball that will break your…

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    My Comeback Into Pro Fitness Training

    Eight days ago I decided to train as an athlete again. When I say “as an athlete” I mean 6 days a week, twice a day, accompanied by an extremely specified meal plan for my body. Needless to say, my body is very sore. I have cravings for sugar, carbs, fat, and dairy which I have to ignore by drinking more water (a gallon a day). But… it is all freaking worth it! Do you know why? Because I want to be lean, flexible, energetic, and sexy. And I will do whatever it takes. You might think, “but you don’t need to exaggerate and go to the gym 6 days…

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  • Should You Look Your Best

    Women: Should You Really Look Your Best?

    Hello, ladies, I am writing this just for you. Should we really care about how we look?  If you look deeper, this is a discussion about self-love… So, the question should be, do you love yourself enough to always look your best? Looking our best, from our underwear to our hair to our clothes to our hands and feet, has much to do with the perception we have of ourselves and our “deserving level”. How much do you love you? No, really. I know, I know. There are many folks out there who go to the gym everyday and dress to perfection and still lack self-love. It’s their journey to walk.…

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