Self-Care,  Spiritual

Another Thought on Meditation

Hello my friend,

You don’t have to meditate, just like you don’t have to journal, eat healthy, stop complaining etc…

But if you want to be truly happy and truly healthy; if you want to be truly SELF EXPRESSED; if you want to stop hiding and suffering, if you want to crack the CODE to success and joy, you might want to find something that takes your mind and body into a meditative state ( where the mind attains a state of consciousness that is totally different from the normal waking state and the person reaches such a level of wholeness, self-sattisfaction, and completion, that you can care less about what’s going on on the outside).

You can attain this by walking in nature or surfing or running… I personally have chosen to attain it via meditation.

Words can try to express it, but your experience will express it in a MUCH better way! I’d say, try it for 21 days!

Why not?

You are going to use the time to get on your phone or get on social media, or do something that will signal the wrong genes in the wrong ways anyways! (wink). Go find a good meditation online, and try it, and then tell me how much of a “waste of time” you thought it was. It seems you have time for everything else, don’t you? And it seems like you don’t have time to feel like crap and overwhelmed, do you? 😉

Take time for your brain and unmemorize the emotions that keep you anchored to the past. You deserve it! Love yourself enough to cultivate freedom, wholeness, joy, and everything that comes with it.