Be Careful You Don’t Judge in the Name of Love!

Hey friends,

I just have to share this before my heart explodes.

I have come across several religious people on social media in the last 24 hours who in the name of Jesus and the Word of God, are excruciatingly judgmental of anything that doesn’t sound familiar to what they hear in their religious institution or to what they think they know.


Here is what I have to say to the judgmental, religious folk:

Listen, if you want to love and bring people to the Lord, which is what Christ came to teach, yet you judge everyone who is not a Christian then you are missing the point completely!

Who are you to JUDGE? Who are you to point the finger? Who are you to tell someone that they are sinners and God hates this and God hates that…?

My gosh have you missed the actual message? I understand you might be passionate, and I admire that, but I do not understand your lack of love, peace, joy, acceptance, and kindness, when that is all you should be receiving from Jesus everyday in your time of prayer.

Oh wait… most of you don’t even pray, let alone receive from Jesus.

I recommend you start there. By praying and listening to what God is saying.

God IS LOVE, compassion, acceptance, joy, peace, excitement, healing, power, fire…

God is not judgement, anger, gossip, arguments about points of view, separation, hatred…

Get it?

Now go pray and actually listen to what God has to say to YOU personally.

Don’t wait for a pastor to feed you spiritually, and please stop judging.

Learn to feed yourself and receive the massive downloads of love and understanding you need.

Talk soon!


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