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Do It Your Soul’s Way

Hello there!

This is for those of you who want to promote, sell, or spread a message online and feel stuck.

I have been a part of the internet marketing “system” for many years. When I say system I refer to the overall style of training and ideas of how to do and what to do that are massively spread by the internet coaching industry.

Basically there are right and wrong ways to do, sell, and market messages/products, and that’s the way it is and the way that most are taught.

However, many of those ways to market do not sit well with your soul, and this is why you have not been able to scale your business.

I am very analytical, and I love numbers. I agree with numbers! I agree with systems as well. BUT, if it doesn’t resonate with you, and you are forcing yourself to market a certain way, your message will always feel canned, forced, impersonal, and so systematic that people will have a hard time connecting with you and your product.

There is no right or wrong.

I propose that you unlearn the rules you think you know about marketing online, and that you start putting yourself out there with you whole soul, free, vulnerable, with all your bliss and all your imperfections… and that you market your product however the heck you want to.

If you want a fancy sales page go for it, if you want fancy, edited videos with music go for it, but know that you don’t have to have those things to sell.

The best microphone is the one you have in that moment when you get the idea to record something, the best camera is the one you have in that moment when you want to video record something, the best light is the one… right there. The best thing to say to the world is the thing that your ♡ is telling you to say.

The numbers don’t necessarily have to add up, your goals don’t have to “make sense”. Your email list doesn’t have to have a certain amount of subscribers for you to make a certain amount of money! You just have to (actually you get to) wake up everyday and spread your message with pure soul – intending to connect and help the world be a better place. The money will come. The money will always show up if you are an energetic match for the amount you want, and if you take action as your soul leads you.

In addition, whoever doesn’t like the real, raw, unedited you, should move on and make space for those who you are meant to impact and help.

I thank God for the coaches out there who are spreading this message and who are teaching me to market with my soul.

Talk to you soon!