• Self-Care

    The Reason Why You Self-Sabotage

    I’m lucky that when I don’t workout my default is to get skinny (no matter how much or what I eat), BUT that doesn’t mean I do not have to work daily on loving myself no matter my size. I do daily mindset work on my belief systems (via writing), and I do daily mind training (via meditation). Honestly, if I didn’t, I would be like I was before: depressed, lost, unfocused, hating my body. My point: no matter your size or fitness level, you have got to do some form of mind training every day to grow and evolve. You have got to write your thoughts so you get…

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  • Spiritual

    Be Careful You Don’t Judge in the Name of Love!

    Hey friends, I just have to share this before my heart explodes. I have come across several religious people on social media in the last 24 hours who in the name of Jesus and the Word of God, are excruciatingly judgmental of anything that doesn’t sound familiar to what they hear in their religious institution or to what they think they know. Ouch! Here is what I have to say to the judgmental, religious folk: Listen, if you want to love and bring people to the Lord, which is what Christ came to teach, yet you judge everyone who is not a Christian then you are missing the point completely!…

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