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    It is Okay If You Do Not Fit In

    Hello my dear friend, If you find you are always trying to fit in, read on… I used to be a great “fitter-inner”. Yet I was always in that unquenchable search for acceptance. I didn’t feel accepted; I didn’t accept myself. I personally have never felt as if I fit in any school group or work environment. For the most part, I have always felt an outsider – the girl with the strange way of thinking, the girl who talks way too deep and way too bold for the average person. The “fitter-inner” strives to acclimate to the environment  at hand, whether it is the office, church, networking group, book…

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    Look Within

    I was born in Cuba and raised through the most horrible economic crisis ever seen there. I remember as a teenager having to take a bath with no soap and use baking soda as deodorant. I remember having to put scotch tape inside my sandals to “fix them,” and I remember my mother – a single mother of 3 going to bed with only white rice in her stomach, so the 3 of us could split the two eggs that were left, which she would scramble with some onions (everything she made was always delicious). I tell you some of my story because I know you will understand me better…