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    First I Got Happy, then I Attracted The Things

    Hello my friend! This happened by accident… When I started to meditate in January this year, my sole purpose was to once and for all shake off the feelings of sadness. I wasn’t doing it as a new years resolution, and I definitely wasn’t trying to attract more money. The depression I had was so strong and so apparently inexplicable, that I just wanted to have joy. Like I have written in previous posts, I have had an overriding sense of joy many times in my life, but it didn’t seem to last. This was due to many reasons that I won’t go into in this post. I tried changing…

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    Struggle with Depression? Read This!

    I know depression very well. It used to be a daily visitor. I know its eyes and spirit. It’s like a lonely soul looking for love. Sometimes I welcomed it, for it was so familiar and friendly, that it made me feel “at home”. Sometimes I ran and ate greens and took amino-acids. I rushed to the gym and then to the beach and then to the massage spa… I begged God to set me free; I blamed myself; I blamed others… All to find some answers that worked some times but nothing definite. My all too familiar depression friend kept coming back. Until… I realized it was a physical…

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