Become More Beautiful

Glow Up Tips For 2021

Hello gorgeous friend!

These tips are very unconventional. They won’t be the typical “eat greens and whiten your teeth” tips.

I will show you how to be come more beautiful by working with the physical, three-dimensional, human world, and with the spiritual world.

I have witnessed myself and other women I personally know transform their bone structure and become extremely beautiful… they glow, they radiate beauty, light, and feminine power.

We are going to activate your beauty in all dimensions.

First, I need you to trust yourself and the divine. Do not resist any of this.

1- I want you to grab a pen and paper and write down all the things you need to forgive yourself for. If your first reaction was, “I don’t need to forgive myself for anything”, you need this more than anyone. Yes you do. We all do. We carry guilt, shame, anger, and hurt. It shows in our skin, our eyes, our inability to focus, our anxiety, our physical bodies, our addictions and need to numb. It shows everywhere. Forgive yourself my beautiful friend, so you can feel that release off of you, so your beautiful heart can heal… so your beautiful mind can rest.

And, as we forgive and release, we find our skin looking younger, our eyes looking brighter, our bodies looking slimmer.

2- Second, give ceremonial cacao a try. I do not mean cocoa or chocolate; I mean ceremonial cacao. The one that comes straight from the shamanic farms. Ceremonial cacao opens our heart, it lifts our mood, it helps us connect with our souls, and it helps us heal. I buy it from a store in Etsy.

In addition to being packed with vitamins and minerals, cacao increases blood flow to the brain which helps to strengthen awareness and focus. It also detoxifies us and boosts our immune system. It also assists in energetic healing and receiving clarity in the areas of love, purpose, intuitive abilities, career and personal growth.  Every time I drink cacao I feel a warmness in my chest, and I start smiling and sometimes laughing.

3- Do an intestinal cleanse and cleanse your colon and liver… this will show in your skin!

4- Now getting more into the physical glow up to become more beautiful… I strongly recommend you explore skin care that contains pure, vegan, organic CBD. This will change your face and neck to a young, fresh, plump, rejuvenated, new you. The brand I just tagged here has an amazing Vitamin C serum and an incredibly good mask. Explore it.

5- Drink about a gallon of distilled water daily.

“Distilled water is steam from boiling water that’s been cooled and returned to its liquid state. Some people claim distilled water is the purest water you can drink.

All water — no matter if it comes from a natural spring, artesian well, or regular tap — may have trace but safe amounts of minerals, bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants.” –WebMd

This the water I have beed drinking for 3 years now. I do not negotiate much with the water I drink. It is very important to me. No matter what water you choose to drink, make sure you drink a lot!!! Keep your body clean and flowing! Keep them fluids running and clean baby!

6- Say positive affirmations to yourself about your physical looks and about yourself. We are always affirming out loud and with our thoughts. We might as well consciously work to make those affirmations positive. Subliminals about our physical looks work extremely well too. I recommend you record your own subliminal, though. Here in this episode of The Happiness Code Podcast I explain how. Basically, tell your subconscious mind how your skin, lips, lashes, teeth, eyes, hair look, and your subconscious will eventually accept it is true and bring about the changes.

7- Wash that beautiful face before you go to sleep and apply your skin care religiously without excuses.

8- Get a good face mask and give yourself that well-deserved moment of self-care a few times a week.

9- Get a good derma roller (they are very inexpensive on Amazon) and watch your face completely glow and re-surface in about 3 weeks! Make sure you read the instructions.

10- Try a honey and lemon mix on your face and hands (do not go out in the sun). This mixture will whiten/brighten your skin and nourish it. You will love it, and your face will be so happy. Do it often.

11- Take an egg, some honey, and some olive oil, and mix it and apply it on your hair. I know… I know… you can buy hair masks out there, but I am Cuban, and I was taught the home made beauty secrets of my ancestors. This mixture is magic for your hair.

12- Practice grounding yourself and meditating. This will bring peace to your heart and it will reflect in your human body.

13- Be happy. Be happy my friend. No matter how old you are, today is the youngest you’ll ever be, so enjoy your day, enjoy life, celebrate every good thing, and be grateful for all of it.

Love, Damaysi.

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