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    Amplify Your Ability to Manifest

    Hello my friend, I want to gently remind you that you have the power and obligation to imagine and create your reality in a constructive way for you and for the planet. There are holy powers of The Law of Assumption you can access that can make the creation and manifestation processes easier. With your body and mind you can do so much… you can create worlds with your words, with your imagination, with your divine nature. But the neurology and chemistry of the past plus the programs that are running in your body and morphic field let you walk right pass the opportunities… you can’t see all the beauty,…

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    Increase and Intensify Your Confidence

    Our businesses depend our confidence, mindset, passion, resiliency, strategy, and our level of detachment from the results having to be a certain way right now. We are always emitting a vibration through our energy centers and our aura which can be tuned to any of the infinite frequencies of this universe at any given time. And it all starts with our thoughts and feelings which can be changed. Your ideal client will be drawn to you because of the energy you emit when you write, speak, and live your life offline. You can be having fun feeling delicious living your life and ready to start clients can inbox you asking…

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    Amplify Your Confidence

    The way to AMPLIFY your confidence is to repeatedly do the things you are afraid of doing knowing that you are doing it for you and keeping your “WHY” in front of your heart. Damaysi Vazquez Fears are trying to protect you… so while you do the inner healing work, you still want to take the scary steps… so you look at fear, say “thank you for trying to protect me”, and you walk with it by your side while you take the steps towards your goals. Period. You have so much boldness and power in you that wants to emerge and make a difference in the world! The very…

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    You Decide How Things Work For You

    When you sign up for a new course, a mastermind, or a 1:1 coaching package, you get to decide how it is going to work for you. Damaysi Vazquez It is between you and the universe. Period end of transmission. The responsibility is on you. But this is amazing news because you get to shift your life in the direction you want it to go. You have the power. You are not a victim to your past, your thoughts, your mental narrative, or money. You are a powerful, intense, and creative soul in a ball of liquid crystalline energy called your body. And you have a purpose. And we actually…

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    Become More Beautiful

    Glow Up Tips For 2021 Hello gorgeous friend! These tips are very unconventional. They won’t be the typical “eat greens and whiten your teeth” tips. I will show you how to be come more beautiful by working with the physical, three-dimensional, human world, and with the spiritual world. I have witnessed myself and other women I personally know transform their bone structure and become extremely beautiful… they glow, they radiate beauty, light, and feminine power. We are going to activate your beauty in all dimensions. First, I need you to trust yourself and the divine. Do not resist any of this. 1- I want you to grab a pen and…

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    7 Pinterest Marketing Trends You Need To Know

    1 – Design a cover header with your brand colors and logo if you have one and with a call to action to generate leads and sales. 2 – Create stand out pins on Canva with big bold fonts that people can read. 3 – Claim your website. It helps Pinterest give you better analytics. 4 – Put relevant keywords on the pin title. 5 – Make sure the pin description is also loaded with keywords relevant to your search! Do your keyword research on Pinterest. 6 – Name your boards with relevant keywords so it shows up on the search results. Also, create pretty board covers on Canva. 7…

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    I’ve Got Her

    I’ve got the woman in me who constantly wants to rise but feels afraid. I’ve got the girl in me who is tired, sad, angry, and exhausted. I’ve got the goddess in me who wants to live in her full power of femininity. I’ve got the child in me who cries and complains and wants to be heard. And I nurse all these parts of me. I heal them. I love on them. I give them what they need in each moment. I remind them that they are always safe and supported. I no longer judge or abuse myself like I used to do. All I have for myself is…

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    Grateful for the TRIGGERS

    I’ve been through some emotional shit lately. I allowed some things in my life which triggered a line of events that brought up deep-seated feelings of being unlovable, unworthy, unsafe, and not good enough. I thought I had dealt with those feelings, but there was a deeper layer showing up this time stronger than ever (or so it seemed to feel). Obviously on a conscious level I know these beliefs are not true, but when we are triggered, the pain is so strong that there’s no reasoning with it. And… I allowed myself to feel these irrational feelings and asked myself which part of me was crying. Was it the…

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