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Struggle with Depression? Read This!

I know depression very well. It used to be a daily visitor. I know its eyes and spirit. It’s like a lonely soul looking for love. Sometimes I welcomed it, for it was so familiar and friendly, that it made me feel “at home”.
Sometimes I ran and ate greens and took amino-acids. I rushed to the gym and then to the beach and then to the massage spa… I begged God to set me free; I blamed myself; I blamed others…
All to find some answers that worked some times but nothing definite.
My all too familiar depression friend kept coming back.
I realized it was a physical addiction. One of those you don’t see coming when you have those short moments of happiness.
So, I began a quest for joy. My desire and decision were so firm and strong, that I wasn’t going to stop (and still have not) until I saw no traces of depression in my reality. I began to meditate every single day and to play a movie of joy in my mind. Only joy was allowed. And an overwhelming gratitude for the joy.
Today after approximately 2 and a half months of meditation, I can say I am depression-free.
Exercise, drugs, diet, supplements, massages, essential oils, walks in nature, prayer, religion, reiki, all play a role in our health and mood, but what will completely eliminate depression (in my humble opinion and from my present state of ignorance) is changing your brain neuropathways. But, you have to do it with firm intention.
If you suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sadness, or anything similar, those brain connections release chemicals for which your body becomes addicted. And that’s not you!
Those brain patterns need to be broken daily over a long, consistent, period of time to form new brain connections.
Be willing to do that, and your life too will change completely.
Imagine waking up joyful, energetic, excited to work!
Imagine smiling for most of the day just because you are happy for no reason other than just being happy!
That’s what it’s like!
Try it!!!

PS: Some of you have asked me how I meditate. The meditation that I use most of the time is from Dr, Joe Dispenza, and it is called “Body Parts Space Meditation“.

You can use whichever meditation you want as long as you go into an Alpha or better yet Theta brain wave state and from there you visualize yourself joyful, and you give thanks for it and feel it, and make the joy and the gratitude for it a state of being.

Cheers to you being yourself again.

Talk soon ?

Damaysi Vazquez