Look Within

I was born in Cuba and raised through the most horrible economic crisis ever seen there. I remember as a teenager having to take a bath with no soap and use baking soda as deodorant. I remember having to put scotch tape inside my sandals to “fix them,” and I remember my mother – a single mother of 3 going to bed with only white rice in her stomach, so the 3 of us could split the two eggs that were left, which she would scramble with some onions (everything she made was always delicious).

I tell you some of my story because I know you will understand me better when you hear me speak and when you read my writings.

Then came the time for me to decide if I wanted to migrate to the United States. I clang to that opportunity like a baby clings to her mother when she is afraid. And off I went to the U.S.A when I was 22 years of age. And I went alone. No family went with me. I left it all behind to start a new life of freedom and perfection… or so I thought.

I was like a new born looking at every detail of South Florida with awe. I was amazed at the size of the streets, the look of the new cars, the pretty plazas, and the abundance of food in the grocery stores.

But, oh how I missed my family and my country! I cried non-stop for the first 3 months! I wanted my mommy and my friends. I wanted to turn around and catch my little sister stealing my makeup. I wanted to laugh at my brother’s jokes.

“This is the price for freedom; you are gonna be okay”, I told myself.

What followed were the most dreadful years of my life I suppose all preparing me to one day encourage and teach others.

I felt lost, discouraged, lonely, DIFFERENT, unworthy of happiness, and even a little guilty for having left my family behind.

The story is very long… but in a nutshell:

  • I learned the difference between conforming to what the masses want you to do and not.
  • I learned that good friends are like angels that God puts in your life.
  • I learned to trust because well, I was homeless at one point and had to fucking trust that God would provide which He did every single time and still does.
  • And I also learned to suppress my feelings and leave the tears for later.
  • And to hustle and show the world what I was capable of achieving.
  • And, I learned that unforgiveness and resentment against myself were not the answer… so I decided to look for joy and peace and contentment… I found them… And if you want to know how to find them, don’t blame, don’t look around for external things: LOOK WITHIN.

Forgive, accept the past, love yourself exactly as you are. It’s only then when you will find your joy and peace.


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