Damaysi Talks About Being Very Energized

How To Be Very Energized So You Can Crush Your Goals

Hello my friend,

I know if you are reading this it is because you could use some more energy and motivation through your day.

If you feel like you always need caffeinated drinks, sodas, cocaine, or any other “upper” to get energized, this blog is going to help you.

I don’t know where you are in the world, but here in the United States, there is an energy crisis. The energy drink industry is a 27 Billion dollar industry (last I heard), and it is expected to continue to grow as they target the young generations to secure the next few decade’s sales.

However, I am going to show you a few natural ways to stay energized through the day.

Besides an illness, the reasons why we are not energized and we keep drinking caffeinated drinks is because we are not giving our body the necessary nutrients, we are not sleeping 7-8 hours a night, and we are not breathing right.

 Some tips to have a lot of energy naturally

Step 1: Eat More Protein

Most of us do not eat the adequate amount of daily protein to have a balanced amount of energy through the day. Eat some form of protein every 3 to 4 hours. This will keep your blood sugar levels stable, and you will not feel a crash. I am not saying eat a whole plate of food. I am saying about 20-30 grams of protein. If you are training, check with your trainer, but I am sure you are probably doing it already. Make sure your protein is clean. Also, add more greens to your diet if you don’t already eat at least 3 salads per day.

Step 2: Breathing Exercises

Do pranayama breathing exercises. A pranayama is the regulation of breath through certain techniques and exercises. Here is one I do which gives me amazing energy and focus; it is called bhastrika. I have been doing it since I was 8 years of age, so I am advanced, but you might want to do your own research on benefits and start like the lady in the video below. Do it at least once a day. I promise you this will change your life.

Step 3: Strengthen Your Muscles

Do resistance exercises from home or gym and you will see your stamina skyrocket. Lift dumbbells, use your body weight, do yoga, do cardio… make sure every day you move your body to make your muscles stronger.

“Contrary to popular belief, exercising doesn’t make you tired; it literally creates energy in your body. Your body rises up to meet the challenge for more energy by becoming stronger,” says nutritionist Samantha Heller, MS, RD, a nutrition advisor for the Journey for Control diabetes program. She explains that it all begins with miniature organs called mitochondria which are located in our cells and work like tiny power plants to produce energy.

Step 4: Clean Your Home and Work Space

This will clear your mind and give you mental energy and clarity. This will save you precious energy. A messy house or workplace will suck the living coherence out of you. Try it. Clean everything out and throw away the clutter. Then spray perfume and beautify your space, and you will see how much better you feel to crush your goals.

Step 5: Take Chlorella Daily

Chlorella has amazing benefits!
Chlorella has amazing benefits!

I can not tell you how much adding Chlorella to my daily supplementation has changed my energy levels and my mental clarity! You can buy Chlorella in powder form and add it to your protein shakes, or you can buy Chlorella capsules (I have it in capsules) and take the recommended dose. Belief me, you will write me back and tell me what a change it has made in your life!

Step 6: Boost your Vitamin C & Vitamin B-12 Intake

This will help you fight any possible fatigue or depression, especially if you live in cold areas of the world where the sun doesn’t come out often. And then mixing Chlorella with Vitamins C and B-12 will be the powerful three to get you moving fast!

Step 7: Do This As Soon As You Wake Up

Yoga poses for great healthDrink a glass of water and stretch as soon as you get up in the morning. Spend at least 10 minutes stretching, although 30 minutes is ideal. Do not look at your phone or email first think when you get up! I know it is hard, but if you do that you are starting your day in reactive mode instead of proactive mode.

So, drink a glass of water and stretch first thing. I learned this from my coach Brendon Burchard, and I can’t tell you the difference it makes in how I start my day.

You do not have to do all the stretches in the picture. I added them there as a guide. Listen to your body and start slow. Consult your doctor prior to new routines if you have a health condition.

Our physical and mental energies can be easily increased if we spend a little extra time each day to cultivate good habits. If you find yourself saying you don’t have time, ask yourself if you have time to feel tired, mentally foggy, and especially, ask if you have time to continue to miss your deadlines.

If you have any questions, reach out to me anytime.