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How To Amplify Your Feminine Energy And Become Magnetic

Damaysi Vazquez

I have been hearing more about feminine energy for the last 2 years, and I have started to finally pay attention to it. As I have embodied what I am going to tell you here, my life has completely changed.

To be feminine is not to put on makeup and high heels; it is not moving sensually when you walk, and having a sweet seductive voice; and it is definitely not wearing pink dresses.

Embodying the feminine energy requires an energetic shift in us. It requires us to understand that the feminine energy is the energy of pleasure, receiving, trusting, feeling emotions, and being less preoccupied with what we have to do, and more intentional about being present.

I used to not only be oblivious to the masculine and feminine energies, but I used to struggle with my relationships with myself, people, and the Universe. 

My life was always going up and down emotionally, I would make money and then not make money and get deeper in debt, or I would be in the “flow” and then all the “flowy” manifesting magic would be completely gone.

I was operating mainly with masculine energy.

Masculine energy is the forward energy. It is the energy of hustling, doing for others, giving, protecting, providing.

We can dress feminine and speak softly and be in masculine energy by trying to control situations, “doing” instead of “being”, forcing, hustling, stressing, and telling people what to do.

Or… we can learn to be in our bodies, tap into pleasure, live in a state of gratitude, trust God/the Universe with our goals and desires, activate our senses, ignite our second chakra, and live in love with life.

I learned from one of my mentors, Kate Decker, that the energy that our bodies emit is stronger than our mind and our desires. Meaning, we can desire and affirm all that we want, but if our bodies are not in alignment with our desires, it is our bodies that tell the universe we are not ready to receive it! Can you believe that? When I learned this in The Pleasure of Receiving, everything changed for me! So, now I check with my body, and until every cell is feeling amazing when I think of what I desire, I keep on staying in pleasure goddess mode.

Here are some things I have embodied (I have done them so much that they are now a part of who I am) to activate my divine feminine energy and become magnetizing to money and amazing things.

I move my hips and dance every chance I get through the day.

I enjoy every bite of what I eat and every sip of what I drink.

I do the things I am led to do as far as business go, and then I dance, relax, and truly trust.

I have become really freaking good at receiving gifts, compliments, and help.

I am now keenly aware of when I need a brake, a nap, a hug from myself, or a loving pep talk, and I give it to myself.

There is a lot concerning this subject of tapping into our feminine energy and balancing masculine and feminine energies, and I recommend that you take Femme Fatale which is the signature course of Melanie Ann Layer.

However, I am going to give you some of the things that have helped me have the best 4 months of my life (I started in September).

1- Every day I move my body in a sensual dance (intuitively), and I emphasize moving my hips. We hold our emotions in our second chakra, and as we move our hips, we move our stagnant energy and emotions. Also, any movement and stretching of the hips clears our second chakra and activates our feminine energy which loves to be in pleasure and receive. Do you want to receive money, wonderful clients, gifts, and favor? Make sure you move those hips and feel your amazing sensuality. Don’t worry about how you look. It will feel awkward at first, and then you will love it!

2- Take baths with epsom salt and rose petals. Remember that it is not about what we do, but about who we are when we do it. Please do not go in the bathtub and start thinking of all the stressful things in your life. Make this time for you and you alone. Be in your body, feel the water as it caresses your skin. Feel the salt as it takes away the muscle aches. Enjoy your sensuality. Be in the energy of pleasure, in the energy of the goddess that lives in you.

3- Eat your food sensually, inviting all your senses to be present as you take every bite. Many of us are used to eating fast. I know I used to eat like a savage. I was always in a rush like I had some place to go (I didn’t. It was a habit). Now I enjoy my food, and I am in my body. I enjoy every sip of water as well. Everything that connects me to the pleasure of being alive.

4- Stop trying to control people, and if you have a man, stop treating him like he is your child, telling him what do, what to wear, how to act, what to do with his money, how to work his business, and all that. This is as toxic masculine as someone can get. The feminine way is to communicate with emotional intelligence with your significant other, children, and everyone else. Remember that when emotions are high, intelligence is low.

“The more emotional we are, the more difficult it is to navigate our emotions and our intelligence.”

– Melanie Ann Layer

5- Meditate, visualize, journal, and fill yourself with love. Give yourself time every day to be present, to feel pleasure, and to connect with and amplify your feminine energy.

6- Practice soft yoga. Use a lot of hip and heart openers. This will release a lot stagnant energy and allow you to enter into your feminine energy.

7- Allow yourself to cry. Please feel all your emotions without judging yourself or what you are feeling. The Goddess that lives in you knows she is safe to feel and safe to cry. The Goddess in you knows to lead herself even in the pain.

The more you do these things, the more you will amplify your feminine energy, the more magnetic you will become, and the more loving attention you will receive from your children, men, clients, and friends. People and the universe will respond to your new, beautiful energy.

I hope this was a blessing to you! 

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I love you!




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