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4 inches from my waist gone in 4 weeks!

First 4 weeks fitness results DamaysiHello there!

Well, the last 4 weeks have not been easy or “stable” for me.

I have cried, I have laughed, I have jumped for joy at my results, and I have been frustrated with impatience.

But guess what? I lost 4 inches from my waist, and I gained 3 1/2 inches through my arms, legs, and hips. So, I am very proud of myself and very grateful to my coach Eric Creech!

All I want from this blog post is that you take this with you:

It takes time, consistency, trust, faith, and much patience to have a great physique. Please, love your body and give it time to adjust and heal. Your beautiful body has been with you since you came to this earth, and it has gone through a lot with you. Now it’s time you treat it well, exercise it, and give it clean fuel as a lifestyle. 

I mean, if you want to. Because I am certain that most people reading this will take no action and will keep judging themselves and complaining that their body looks overweight or out of shape.

But, if you want to be fit, then get a good coach to create a meal plan and an exercise routine for you and to keep you accountable every day. You won’t be able to do this alone. You need someone knowledgeable to help you. Don’t think that eating salads and chicken will make you look amazing. You will need carbs, fats, and protein at a certain level every day, and you will need a workout routine to go hand-in-hand with it.

Be encouraged. Anyone with enough desire to really change can do this. The hardest part is to convince your mind. Your body will always follow your mind.

Damaysi back picture first 4 weeks fitness results

Talk soon!