If you think you don’t have what it takes to be fit, think again

Damaysi Vazquez Face Close UpHello hot stuff,

If you think being fit is beyond your will power, I am here to shatter your miserable dream and help you see a new reality.

Being fit is not really that difficult. It is a choice that once you make, your hunger, your cravings, your addictions, your beliefs, and your incompetent, jealous, family members and friends will not be able to stop it.

I want you to really understand this, my friend.

Making this choice is really not that difficult. It is way more difficult staying out of shape, miserable, ill, sad, depressed, tired, and confused about your worth.

Here is the wrecking ball that will break your wall:

Think about ALL the times since you were born, that you have been hurt, abused, crushed, maybe molested, defeated… and yet you are here. You survived. You endured the pain, the pulverizing of your sweet innocence, the breaking of your heart. You withstood the verbal abuse of your parents, your siblings, your friends, your teachers, and your coaches… yet you still read this because you know that you are fucking strong. You know you can do anything you set your mind to do. The problem is you are hiding. For some reason, you have believed the bullshit that “it is not worth it to have a fit, lean, body because you are not good enough anyways, and what’s the use.” Right? Am I hitting home?

So, why don’t you decide to break this wall of cluster-shit that has been programmed into your mind and go for your best self which includes being fit? Just as you have broken EVERY OTHER wall you can break this one! Why do you play small when you can have what you want and have it starting right now?

You are a survivor!

If you are a survivor, don’t you think you can survive eating clean, drinking water, and going to the gym several times a week until you get what you really want? Seriously? You? YOU? The one who has always been there for everyone is telling me you can’t be there for yourself? Don’t tell yourself you can’t be there for you. Ever. Again.