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    If you think you don’t have what it takes to be fit, think again

    Hello hot stuff, If you think being fit is beyond your will power, I am here to shatter your miserable dream and help you see a new reality. Being fit is not really that difficult. It is a choice that once you make, your hunger, your cravings, your addictions, your beliefs, and your incompetent, jealous, family members and friends will not be able to stop it. I want you to really understand this, my friend. Making this choice is really not that difficult. It is way more difficult staying out of shape, miserable, ill, sad, depressed, tired, and confused about your worth. Here is the wrecking ball that will break your…

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    My Comeback Into Pro Fitness Training

    Eight days ago I decided to train as an athlete again. When I say “as an athlete” I mean 6 days a week, twice a day, accompanied by an extremely specified meal plan for my body. Needless to say, my body is very sore. I have cravings for sugar, carbs, fat, and dairy which I have to ignore by drinking more water (a gallon a day).   But… it is all freaking worth it! Do you know why? Because I want to be lean, flexible, energetic, and sexy. And I will do whatever it takes. You might think, “but you don’t need to exaggerate and go to the gym 6…

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    Happy For No Reason

      I understand now at a whole new level what it means to choose your emotions. I now wake up and decide WHICH EMOTION I am going to rock for that day. If I fall off, I get back on. You see, we spend too many years of our lives (if not all) being a victim of our emotions and blaming everything we can for how we live our lives. It is not the shit out there that is making us feel desperate and depressed and angry… it is US who are making ourselves feel those ways. Wanna be happy? Do the shit happy people do… Wanna stay pissed? Keep blaming……

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  • Damaysi Talks About Being Very Energized

    How To Be Very Energized So You Can Crush Your Goals

    Hello my friend, I know if you are reading this it is because you could use some more energy and motivation through your day. If you feel like you always need caffeinated drinks, sodas, cocaine, or any other “upper” to get energized, this blog is going to help you. I don’t know where you are in the world, but here in the United States, there is an energy crisis. The energy drink industry is a 27 Billion dollar industry (last I heard), and it is expected to continue to grow as they target the young generations to secure the next few decade’s sales. However, I am going to show you a…

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  • Should You Look Your Best

    Women: Should You Really Look Your Best?

    Hello, ladies, I am writing this just for you. Should we really care about how we look?  If you look deeper, this is a discussion about self-love… So, the question should be, do you love yourself enough to always look your best? Looking our best, from our underwear to our hair to our clothes to our hands and feet, has much to do with the perception we have of ourselves and our “deserving level”. How much do you love you? No, really. I know, I know. There are many folks out there who go to the gym everyday and dress to perfection and still lack self-love. It’s their journey to walk.…

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  • Operate From Joy

    Operate From Joy Starting Today

    I mostly operate from joy nowadays, but staying in a state of joy for extended periods of time used to be quite the task. I always wanted those moments of intense joy and bliss – those which superimpose themselves over any worry, sadness, or challenge I might be experiencing at the moment, and I would achieve them sometimes, but then I would lose them. I mean, we are not supposed to be blissed out all the time… we live on planet earth, but we are much better off when we operate from a state of joy than from a state of stress or any low emotion. Not that long ago…

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    How to Finish 2015 Strong

    Hello, friend! Can you believe we are 45 days away from the new year? Exciting, huh? I am so ready to move to our new condo in 2 weeks and start decorating! This year has been full of dreams-come-true for me. I spent several months living in Europe, I visited South France, I got engaged to the man of my life for 21 years (we met in Cuba when I was 16), and I began creating my first e-course, “Understanding Self-Worth”. However, there are several goals I did not achieve or even attempted to achieve for more than 2 weeks this year. So, today I looked at the calendar and…

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    Self-Love and Its Impact On Your Business

    The term self-love has become transparent from its incessant references, sometimes even superficial, in the last several years. However, the subject still remains the foundation for everything we do; our self-love sets the boundaries for our accomplishments. Self-love is undoubtedly the reason why and how we do and don’t do everything daily. I mean, from how we make our beds, to how we dress and walk, to how our cars look inside, to how we treat others, to what we eat, everything is interconnected to self-love. Self-love is the key to our personality and behavior. How much you love yourself and, therefore, how you see yourself affects your business as well.…